Russell Turner

What I'm Up To

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Living in Southwest Florida

Our family left Portland, Oregon in August 2021 with four suitcases and eventually relocated to Naples, Florida. We feel very blessed and are happy and healthy here. The kids are blossoming in the sun and we feel mostly at home here.

Working Remote

I'm on my eighth year working with Utilicast, focused on implementing Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and helping utilities operate in Centralized Markets (and improve them). Most of this work is from my cozy home office and occassionaly I travel to client sites.

Building Applications

With the little time in between I'm writing code (mostly Python), tweaking databases (always Postgres), and slowly getting better at building web applications (in Flask, and soon in Node). I love this work and continually look for ways to keep doing it.

Say Hi

Updated April 12, 2023 from my home office.