Russell Turner

What I'm Up To

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Getting outdoors

My kids want to learn to fish and it's inspired me to become an outdoorsman. They used their own hard-earned money to buy their first poles. I just got my Sportsman's License and am starting the exciting journey. We also just joined a boat club and intend to get on the water at least monthly.

Learning C++ programming

I've been writing Python and Bash scripts for several years now and love it. But I really want to build a full application and want to use C++ (mainly for its speed). I'm following the C++20 Masterclass on Udemy to ground the fundamentals. It's a hard language for me but I'm enjoying the work.

Working with Electric Utilities

I'm in my ninth year working with Utilicast My work is in Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and Centralized Markets. I typically travel a week each month and otherwise am lucky to work from home.

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Updated April 29, 2024, while away on work in Oklahoma City.