Russell Turner

What I'm Up To

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Setting up a home studio

I'm setting up a home studio after more than 10 years. And I've started writing songs again. It's as fun as I remember.

Enjoying the Tropical Winter

It's been cold here in southwest Florida... way down in the 50's 😉. The kids started a new school this year. It's a Hillsdale school and we love it. The weekend usually begins with Family movie night. Then we try to enjoy as much time out of the house as possible.


I'm in my ninth year working with Utilicast, focused on implementing Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and helping utilities operate in centralized markets (and improve them). I travel about a week each month and otherwise am lucky to work from home.

Writing Code

I love writing a Python script to solve a problem and find near-daily use cases to do so mostly.

Contact Me

It's been awhile. Or maybe we've never met. Say hello.

Updated January 23, 2024 from my home office.