Russell Turner

What I'm Up To

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I'm in my eighth year working with Utilicast, focused on implementing Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and helping utilities operate in centralized markets (and improve them). I'm blessed to mostly work from home.

Writing Code

I love writing a script to solve a problem and find near-daily use cases to do so (mostly Python). In between, I'm refining my use of databases (usually Postgres), slowly getting better at building web applications (in Flask and Node). And am remembering how to use C++

Enjoying Family

My two wonderful kids started a new school this year, and we're focused on the transition. When the week is done, we love our Friday movie night and stove-top popcorn. Our weekends are spent with friends, enjoying a local restaurant, and at least a monthly beach outing (an early morning swim or a sunset picnic). This summer, we went on our first cruise and are now hooked and looking forward to the next one.

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Updated October 10, 2023 from my home office.